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      2. Customer Service:+86 57767193977. E-mail: jodan@borrapump.com
        Split case pump
        ProductTitle: Diesel Driven Pump
        ProductModel: SOW
        Category: 7 *
        Email: jodan@borrapump.com
        CompanyName: Zhejiang?Borra?Fluid?Equipment?And?Technology?Co.,Ltd
        Phone: +86 57767193977.
        Fax: +86 57767193977.
        Address: CHINA

        This pump is applied in pumping fresh water, river water, sea water, corrosive water, impurity water, dirty water, etc. Such as
            1. Irrigation
            2. Marine
            3. Industry water
            4. Mine water pump
            5. Transport water with salt or any other impurity things
            6. Fire fighting
            7. Dewatering pump station, power station
        Working Conditions
        Rotating speed: 3600r/min, 1800r/min, 2960r/min, 1480r/min
        Medium: clean water or other liquids similar to clean water in physical and chemical properties
        Medium temperature: -10 ~ 80°C, 400°C available under special design
        Ambient temperature: Up to 40°C
        Range of capacity: up to 11600m³/H (3222L/S)
        Range of head: up to230m
        Maximum working pressure: suction pressure+head of pump≤25 bar


        Pump Construction
        Casing/impeller:cast iron,stainless steel,copper,bronze,
        Shaft: carbon steel 45#,stainless steel
        Mechnical seal:graphite/silicon carbide/tungsten carbide 


        1.Directly coupled, vibration proof and low noise.
        2.Same diameter of inlet and outlet .
        3.C&U bearing ,which is the most famous brand in China.
        4.Circulating flow cooling ensure mechnical seal long life .
        5.Small foundation required that will saving construction investment by 40-60%.
        6.Excellent seal that is no leakage


        Technical parameters:

        More specifications, please contact me.

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