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      2. Customer Service:+86 57767966258. E-mail: jodan@borrapump.com
        Split case pump
        ProductTitle: Horizontal Multistage Electric Pump
        ProductModel: TSWA
        Category: 49 *
        Email: jodan@borrapump.com
        CompanyName: Borra Technology Co.,Ltd
        Phone: +86 57767966258.
        Fax: +86 57767193977.
        Address: CHINA


        Product Overview

        Heavy Duty Multistage Pump can transport clean water and fluids similar to water in physical and chemical properties. This pump is widely used for water supply and drainage in mine industries, factories and cities.


        Product Parameters

        Flow range: 6.3~1450m3/h

        Head range: 17~1990m

        Medium temperature:<150°C



        1) Water supply and discharge in high-rise buildings

        2) Fire water supply in constructions

        3) Water supply and discharge in factories and mines

        4) Long distance delivery

        5) Cyclic pressurization in production






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