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        Correct installation and commissioning requirements for electric fire pump

        Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2019/9/24 18:22:15

              Correct installation and commissioning requirements for electric fire pumps

          The installation of the electric fire pump must first determine the installation position: the fire pump is generally arranged under the pipe gallery or on the side, or it can be arranged near the suctioned equipment. The main advantage is that the ventilation is good, and the operation and maintenance are convenient. The semi-open-air pump is suitable for use in rainy areas. Pumps are usually placed under the pipe gallery and ceilings are placed on the upper part of the pipe. Or the pump is placed on the lower floor of the frame, with the frame platform as the ceiling. The pumps are arranged in single, double or multiple rows depending on the pump layout requirements. The indoor fire pump is suitable for cold or windy areas and where the process has special requirements. Indoor layout should pay attention to fire prevention, explosion protection, heating, ventilation, lighting and other measures.
          The specific installation process of electric fire pump:
          1. The fire pump should be lifted with stainless steel chain and placed on the lifting screw of the pump set;
          2. The fire pump and its matching control cabinet are reliably grounded;
          3. Because the water pressure of the fire pump is high, the pump does not adapt to match the fit. The outlet of the fire pump is hardly connected with metal hose or steel pipe. The length of the pipe connected to the pump outlet must extend out of the cover of the pool, which is convenient to disassemble;
          4. The fire pump outlet shall be equipped with a hose check valve according to the specifications;
          5. The pump outlet pipe should be supported on the ground to avoid deformation or damage of the fire pump.
          Commissioning of electric fire pumps should meet the requirements:
          1. When the fire pump is started automatically or manually, it should be put into normal operation within 60s;
          2. When the fire pump is started by the standby power switch or the standby pump switch mode, it should be put into normal operation within 60s.
          3. When the fire pump is commissioned, if the pressure is not up to the specified requirements, the motor may be reversed. Any phase sequence of the three-phase wire should be exchanged. If the pressure is low and unstable, the fire pump outlet pipe should be deflated. deal with;
          4. When the steady-state pump is commissioned, the simulation design starts condition, and the steady-state pump should start immediately; when the system design pressure is reached, the fire pump should stop running automatically.
          5. When the fire pump is running, the outlet valve should be adjusted to make the outlet pressure during operation reach the rated requirement, otherwise the fire protection effect will be affected or the fire pump will be overloaded.

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