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        When using an electric fire pump, these points must be noted.

        Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2019/10/11 13:24:06

          When using an electric fire pump, these points must be noted.
          1. Before using the electric fire pump, first check whether the water level in the fire pool is in a normal state, then open the fire pump inlet and outlet valves, open the fire pump start button, and observe the pump outlet pressure at 1---1.2Mpa.


          2. Pay attention to the sealing
          If you want to make this electric fire pump have a better working environment, then you should have a better guarantee of the sealing of this equipment. Because if the sealing is not good, then it will definitely have a great impact on this progress. So you should first look at the gasket on the pump casing of the electric fire pump is not good, if you see a little damage, It should be replaced.
          3. Pay attention to the rotation function
          When using such an electric fire pump, it is also important to pay attention to this rotation process, because if the part is broken during operation, the device should be replaced immediately. Of course, many people may choose to continue working, because it doesn't matter if it is a little bit broken. In fact, if it is a measure that does not protect well in this respect, it will cause great trouble to the whole equipment.
          4. Test the fire pump every Monday and make a careful record.
          2. One fire cannon or two fire hydrants must be turned on during the test to prevent rolling.
          Through the brief introduction of the inspection process of this electric fire pump, everyone should have some understanding of the above aspects. Of course, in other aspects, it should be checked regularly, and I will not explain them here.

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