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        Start-up phase and commissioning phase of diesel water pump

        Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/10/30 14:29:06

          The diesel engine water pump is mainly divided into two types: a diesel pump unit based on a self-priming sewage pump, and a diesel pump unit system based on a new type of strong self-priming pump and adding a vacuum auxiliary device. The difference between the pumps is that the ordinary type has lower purchase cost, the self-suction height is only 4-5 meters, and the maximum flow rate can only be 800 cubic meters. The new diesel engine pump with vacuum assist system has strong self-priming ability and the maximum self-suction height can reach 8 -9 meters, fast water discharge time, wide range of flow options, maximum flow rate can be 2600 cubic meters per hour.
          The diesel engine pump can suck and drain liquids containing large particles of solids and long fibers, especially the new vacuum-assisted diesel engine pump impeller can be made into an open impeller structure.
          Start-up phase operation process:
          1. When you are ready to work, press the start button and start it normally under normal conditions. If the start is unsuccessful, you must wait until the starter armature is completely still before starting the next time.
          2. Each start-up time should not exceed 5 seconds, and the interval between secondary starts should be greater than 2 minutes.
          3. When it cannot be started several times in a row, it should be checked, diesel engine, battery and wiring, etc., and then restart after troubleshooting.
          4. When the diesel engine is in normal operation, the pressure of the water pump should be checked in time. If it is not reached, the maintenance worker should be notified in time.
          Commissioning phase operation process:
          If the diesel engine is in standby or in emergency use, it must be tested once a month to avoid damage from rust.
          1. Check the meter immediately after starting, then unload to about 1/3 load, increase to 3/4 load after about 10 minutes, then increase to full load after 10 minutes, check the tightness of the diesel engine, at 1/3 load Run for 10 minutes.
          2. Unload the parking.

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