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        The reason for the electric fire pump motor heating is actually very simple

        Author: admin Source: Posted On: 2019/11/18 10:40:37

          The reason for the electric fire pump motor heating is actually very simple, nothing more than lead failure, mechanical failure, winding imbalance, overload, equipment and frequent work without rest. The manufacturer conducted an in-depth analysis and found that lead failure is the main factor that causes the motor to heat up. In general, the fire of the fire pump motor is not a step by step. It is caused by local heat and slowly extending, resulting in overall heat generation in the rear fuselage. Let's take a look at it today:
          First, the electric fire pump motor heat is very likely to be "lead heat",
          Simply put, the "lead fever" is divided into three reasons:
          1. The vibration generated during the operation of the motor loosens the bolt;
          2. When the motor is shipped from the factory, the first end of the motor is not pressed together when wiring on the terminal board. The current passes through the terminal block bolts. These bolts are generally not copper pieces, and the current carrying capacity is too small to generate heat;
          3. The equipment is repaired without removing the cable. Moving the fire pump motor causes the cable head on the terminal block to loosen and heat; the lead and the copper nose are not well pressed. Of course, it may also be caused by poor contact and wear. To this end, it is one of the first tasks to prevent the failure of the motor lead to prevent the heat of the fire pump motor.
          Second, prevent electric fire pump motor junction box porcelain bottle ground fault
          Many domestic fire pumps, especially high-pressure fire pumps, have different methods for fixing the lead wires of the constant-voltage pump. Some motors use porcelain bottles to fix the leads when they are shipped out. If the porcelain bottles are not cleaned for a long time, the insulation of the porcelain bottles will cause short-circuit or three-phase grounding. Short circuit fault. And because the high-voltage fire pump motor is connected to the high-voltage bus, the short-circuit current is generally large, which will cause the voltage of the power distribution network to drop suddenly, causing the contactor to lose pressure and cause the motor to trip, thus causing a pause in production, which may cause personal injury or Equipment safety accidents, therefore, the porcelain bottle in the high-voltage fire pump motor junction box must be removed and replaced with an insulating plate.

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