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        Marine fire pump controls ship fire spread and wins fire fighting initiative

        Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2019/11/23 9:17:27

        With the continuous development of China's economy, the application of science and technology in the shipping industry continues to deepen. Various types of ships have emerged as the times require, and the technical content is also increasing. However, in the event of a fire in the ship, the difficulty of fighting and the danger of fire are always an important factor in the safety of life and property. Therefore, after the ship has a fire, take practical measures for the initial fire. By controlling and destroying fires in the early stages, you can win the initiative to fight the fire. It can significantly reduce accident losses. On the contrary, it will be passive, resulting in an unmanageable situation.
        Marine fire pump is an important part of the ship water fire extinguishing system. It is related to the life safety of the ship and the ship's personnel, and plays an important role in the initial fire of the ship. It is a safety system that all legal inspection ships must be equipped with. It can be said that the marine fire pump is a more important equipment in the ship's fire water system. Strengthening the inspection and maintenance of fire pumps to ensure the integrity of fire pump equipment is one of the effective ways to reduce various types of losses caused by fire.

        Marine fire pump

        Marine fire pump It is also a kind of fire pump. It is installed on the unpowered fire pump, fixed fire extinguishing system or other fire fighting facilities in the water working environment such as ships and offshore working platforms. It is used as liquid fire extinguishing agent such as conveying water or foam solution. Dedicated pump. The use of high-quality bearings and high-quality motors makes the pump safer and more reliable, with low noise and low vibration. Hydraulic balance is used to balance the axial force and reduce the balance drum, which makes the operation more stable. The shaft seal has mechanical seal and packing seal. Form; the pump also has the characteristics of inlet and outlet water flange pipeline arrangement, high speed and weight.
        Marine fire pump operating procedures
        Preparation before operation
        1. Drive the pump shaft before starting, be sure that the rotor burns out without jamming and friction.
        2, open the inlet valve
        3. Open the pressure tap on the outlet valve or outlet elbow
        4. The first start or long-term stop restart should unscrew the screw on the top of the pump body, fill the pump body with water, and prohibit the start of unfilled water to prevent burnout of the seal.
        5. Touch the motor to check if the motor steering is consistent with the pump steering sign.
        6. After the fire pump is started, at the rated speed, no water should be discharged within 4 minutes.
        Precautions during operation:
        1. After the pump starts to drain, gradually adjust the outlet valve until the specified pressure is reached.
        2. The pump should be operated within the flow range specified on the nameplate.
        3, pay attention to bearing temperature, the temperature outside the bearing should not exceed 75 ° C
        4. During operation, pay attention to whether the pump has abnormal vibration and noise.
        The outlet valve should be closed after stopping the pump. If the pump is in power failure during operation, the power supply should be turned off before the outlet valve is closed. For long-term deactivation, the drain valve screw should be opened to drain the water in the pump.

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