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        These are the important factors that lead to the low working efficiency of the self?priming?pump

        Author: admin Source: 網絡 Posted On: 2020/1/9 10:33:00

        self priming pump consists of pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, bearing and other parts. Although the structure of self priming pumps designed by different manufacturers will be different, the principle is roughly the same. They all use physical centrifugation to create a pressure difference between the pump and the pump to suck up the water. The pump body usually has a vortex flow channel, and the outer layer of these flow channels has a relatively large volume of air-water separation space.
        In general, the working effect of the self priming pump is very high, but everything is not absolute. Under certain special factors, the working efficiency of the self priming pump will be greatly reduced. These factors include:
        1. Preparatory work before starting. Many people do not pay attention to the preparation during the use. The most basic preparations include: warm pumps, disc pumps, etc., which can reduce the generation of turbid gas, reduce the noise of the pump, and improve work efficiency.
        2. Reasons for the equipment: Under the same working conditions, the efficiency may be more than 15%;
        3. The efficiency of the motor remains basically unchanged in use: Therefore, a high-efficiency motor should be selected as much as possible;
        4. The centrifugal pump works below the rated working condition, the pump efficiency is low, and the energy consumption will be relatively high;
        5. The friction of water will act on the surface of the impeller, which will cause wear and tear as the working time affects the working efficiency;
        6. The volume loss of the self priming pump is also called leakage loss, which includes three types of leakage loss of impeller seal ring, interstage and axial force balance mechanism. The volume efficiency is not only related to design and manufacturing, but also to later management. After the pump runs continuously for a certain period of time, due to friction between various parts, the gap increases and the volumetric efficiency decreases.
        7. Evacuation or idling of the centrifugal pump will cause a decrease in efficiency.
        8. Mechanical efficiency is also related to design and manufacturing quality: so choosing a good pump has less impact on later management.

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