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        high pressure fire water pump small fault handling, worthy of collection

        Author: admin Source: 網絡 Posted On: 2020/1/13 14:03:37

        High-level water tanks are generally used in building fire water supply to make up for the insufficient water supply pressure of the tap water pipe network, but the water pressure required by the fire hydrant is usually about 220kpa. Can meet the needs.
            Problems with long-term use of high pressure fire water pumps are inevitable. This does not mean that there is a problem with the quality of the products produced by the manufacturer, because no matter what is used for a long time, there will be some minor problems. Although it will not affect the work for a while, but if it is not dealt with in time, minor faults will occur. Becomes a big problem, so it ’s important to learn some simple high pressure fire pump repair methods
        1. The pump cannot absorb water The pressure gauge pointer swings violently:
        1) Insufficient irrigation) Air in the pump body
        Stop the pump) Continue filling the water until the exhaust valve drains normally
        2) Air leak in suction pipe
        Check for leaks and repair as soon as possible
        3) Suction port is higher than liquid level
        Lower the suction pipe
        4) Foot valve is not closed tightly
        底 Repair foot valve
        5) Excessive water absorption resistance
        Clean or modify
        2, the pressure gauge has a pressure display, the outlet pipe does not produce water:
        1) Outlet pipe resistance is too large
        Maintenance or modification of water pipes
        2) The pump does not rotate properly
        Adjust power phase line
        3) Impeller inlet and flow passage are blocked
        Open the pump casing to remove debris
        3. Noisy operation and loud impact sound
        1) The crankshaft crankshaft and the bearing pad are worn seriously, the clearance is too large, and the connecting rod screw moves.
        Suggested replacement
        2) There are sundries in the pump and the gear is damaged
        Wash and tighten
        3. Insufficient aspiration
           check carefully
        4, abnormal temperature rise and fever:
        1) Insufficient or excessive oil quantity, dirty oil, oil number mismatch, poor viscosity
        Control according to regulations
        2) The clearance of the transmission part is large, the attachment part is friction, and the running time is long
        Check replacement adjustment
        5, the pump pressure suddenly rises
        Safety valve failure, pressure relief valve failure, system failure
        Check and repair and troubleshoot.
            If the above method does not solve your needs, you can consult the manufacturer or local maintenance point. It is not recommended to dismantle and repair it yourself!

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